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Job Location: Delhi, India
Salary: 20000

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Dear CANDIDATE, Reg: We Here To Offer You Role of Wealthsurance Advisor of IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd {The Company) Age limit 26 and above The company is glad to offer you as a Wealthsurance Advisor to solicit and procure life insurance business. To be eligible to become an advisor you will need to clear IRDAI IC 38 examination; provide us the following documents After successful completion of the requirements mandated by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI Exam) to act as an insurance advisor you will receive original ID card, Appoinment letter and Exam pass certificate from HO. A successful advisor can look forward to progressing further as an Agency leader with a completion of below mentioned bench mark. NO OF LIVE FYC : 8 FYC+ BONUS : 35000 VINTAGE : 6 RECRUITMENT : 2 8 35000 6 2 Agency Leader MBG NORMS {Goal sheet for every quarter) An Agency Leader need to achieve below mentioned Minimum Business Guarantee (MBG) Norms through Direct Team on every quarter, Active New Licensed Advisors (NLA) : 2 FYC : 25000 Your Appointment with the company is on the following terms and conditions: 1. This offer will stand withdrawn, if you fail to submit required documents and report to our office. 2. During the period of your appointment, you will be required to achieve the goals and targets set by the company. The company will be the sole judge of your performance and conduct. The company reserves the right to change your job title/responsibilities, reporting relationship at anytime. 3. You will be required to attend from time to time monthly training (Ml, M2, M3, M4, MS, M6) as well as planning and review meetings as intimated by your reporting manager,which shall not exceed 4 days in a month. 4. An advisor mandatory to complete bench mark with invintage time period to got promoted as Agency leader. 5. An Agency leader should meet MBG NORMS in every quarter; if your performance is not found to be satisfactory, or if your services are not required, the same may be terminated. CONTACT PERSON NAME : GEETHANJALI CONTACT NO : 8072259770 CONTACT GMAIL ID :
Job Ref: IFL1000145082
Hours: Full Time
Location: India
Working Term: Permanent
Salary: 18000 to 20000 per month (bp)
Application Deadline: walk-in
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IDBI FEDERAL Life Insurance Co.Ltd
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